Crazy Quilted Journal Covers

Pat Creech 2011

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I was inspired to make a crazy-quilted book cover by my aunt. She used a paper-back book cover to camouflage the "bodice ripper" novels she would read, hoping no-one would find out.

When I began crazy quilting about ten years ago I made blocks and quilts but began looking at various patterns to see how I might be able to incorporate crazy quilting into them. I made a cover for a photo album for a friend and immediately had requests for more. Then I branched out and made covers for notebooks and other types of albums. One day I looked at a composition book in the back-to-school section of the store and thought it would make a great journal. Well, of course, I had to make it a crazy quilted cover. Since then I've made dozens of them and continue to do so because people seem to love getting them as gifts; and they are fun and quick to make.

I use my crazy quilted covered book all the time to jot down names, addresses, thoughts, etc. When I fill one composition book up I just put my beautiful crazy quilted book cover on a new one. The composition books are inexpensive and available everywhere; WalMart, drugstores, and office supply stores just to name a few.

Here are some photos of some current ones I have. Many times I use left over fabrics from a specific quilting project so that I can give the crazy quilted book cover to the same person who is receiving the quilt.

After crazy quilting the rectangle for the cover, I add a layer of batting, and a lining. Pockets are added to the inside right and left so that the book cover can easily slip onto the composition book. I finish with a binding on the edges and sometimes add a fastener.


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